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The Horse Street Handicapper is our flagship product. It is designed for the player that is looking for a program which will enable them to play at a professional level.

For a quick look at this powerful handicapping tool, check out these lesson 9 from our H4 upgrade.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Note that this price includes All HSH Videos!


Basics of the License Agreement

  • Upgrades are not included.
  • License is not transferable
  • Read about our Return Policy.
HSH Rental
You may now rent the HorseStreet Handicapper for just $50 per month plus a one-time startup fee of $99 (to cover the cost of 40+ hours of videos, startup tech support, etc.).

This is a complete product. Precisely the same product you see for $700 above. If you decide to purchase HSH within the first 30 days, your first months lease payment of $50 is credited towards the purchase price.

You may terminate the rental agreement at any time with notice prior to the 1st of the next month. You may also purchase the product for the full price at any time, getting credit for the current month's rental payment.

The rental fee includes all upgrades.

Note that this price includes All HSH Videos to date.


Basics of the Rental Agreement

  • Includes all upgrades
  • License is not transferable
HSH Rent-to-Own
You may now rent-to-own the HorseStreet Handicapper
and pick your own payment plan.

Payment x Months Plus Last Payment
$60 19 9.70
65 16 18.46
70 14 15.85
75 12 47.29
80 11 32.72
85 10 34.12
90 9 49.66
95 8 77.68
100 8 25.45
125 6 20.48
150 4 130.34
175 4 18.52
200 3 99.25
250 2 174.63
300 2 70.88
  • There is no credit check of any kind.
  • You may quit at any time (notice required to stop billing).
  • You may quit at any time and pay the balance due in full.
  • You may take a leave of 3 months without any penalty.
  • If you quit and come back your payments still count towards the purchase price (but upgrade fees may apply).

Basics of the Rental Agreement

  • Startup cost is $99 plus first payment plus shipping
  • Includes all upgrades
  • License is not transferable
HorseMarket Investing Horse Market Investing by David E. Schwartz
Turn your Bankroll into a stock market investment. After a period of time, you will be amazed to find that you have consistently placed more money on your winning wagers than on your losing wagers!


HorseMarket Investing Video Seminar - Two hours of Dave Schwartz explaining how to use HMI. See HMI in direct competition with flat betting and Kelly. Learn how to Set thresholds, percent of bankroll to bet and manage the reserve. Watch on your computer.

This video is meant to be used with the manuscript and the price includes the manuscript as well.

(Video without manuscript:  $64.97.)

Includes HMI in an Excel Spreadsheet!

International Shipping
+ add $9.00

(Add the Opponent Method for just $15 more!)

The Opponent Method The Opponent Method by David E. Schwartz
Contrarian money management strategy. Anti-Kelly. Tremendous for consistent players, sports bettors, two-horse wagerers.
  Money Management Package!
Both money management manuscripts! Save 15%
Get both great manuscripts, Horse Market Investing and The Opponent Method, together!
Par Times
Printed Pars
These are the pars that everyone is talking about. Our pars have quickly become the industry standard. If you are interested in comparing times from distance-to-distance or track-to-track, these are a must have. Read about the HorseStreet Pars!

There are actually three types of pars:

Track pars - These address the speed of the track.
Class Levels - This shows the relationship of class levels at each track
Class Specific - These address the actual times (in hundredths) that each class level can be expected to run.

You get all three!



Electronic Pars

If you are a programmer, we have several file formats to choose from. If you need a custom format, we can create those as well. Just give us a call.

These pars are distributed via email. (If you need them on CD-ROM, there is a $7.50 shipping charge per CD-ROM.)

For $19 more (plus $6.50 shipping) you can add a printed copy as well.

We upgrade our electronic pars whenever a track changes. This price includes all the updates we do for the entire year! Updates are sent automatically to your email address.

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